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Who: Donatello, OPEN to the Pony Commune
What: Don abruptly disappeared during Tear War Mares' excursion against Bertha. He's now abruptly back. And oh, how things have changed...
Where: The Pony Commune
When: Tuesday evening
Warnings: Insanity, violence and death. In that order.

He was back. Back in this place, back with the memories of other places and things and concepts which, before, he'd not remembered. He remembered now, though. His mind's way of trying to remind him that he still had a haven, a safe place from the horrors he'd learned, and seen.

The horrors he'd caused.

But he knew it was a lie. His mind was trying to delude him. There was no point in clinging to the illusion of 'safety', or of the ponies. The only use for those happy memories was to use them for the purpose of the reality he knew was real.

He couldn't go home. He'd never be able to go to other worlds. Not after everything went down. Not now that he knew the truth. His mind needed to stop it and just let him be the monster everyone suspected him to be, that the Capitol wanted them to be, for the Games. It only made him more determined to be entertaining to the crowds watching on their screens, cheering him on as they drank and ate to the point of sickness, to force himself ahead in his path of bloodshed. He still had the severed horn, and his scythe, and his bloodied and ripped costume, covering his bloodied and ripped body.

Where were the knives? No, no, he must have dropped them while riding that buffalo. Or when that trap activated. Thanks, Harley. Still, it was fine. He could do without the knives.

He walked with a very discernible hobble now, both in front and back. In between the chipping of his shell by Eponine and Parker, his fight with the Initiate, and the very prominent bolt now embedded in his flank again, thanks, Harley he was definitely hurting. Indeed, his right hind leg almost dragged across the ground. Faint blood starts to drag along with it, as his hoof scraped onto the ground to the point of drawing it.

He ignored it. It was time for killing. He could wait for a Sponsor's medicine kit later.

His target was in front of him.

The "pony commune" was just ahead.
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Nemo is lying under the tree in front of the house, strumming his guitar idly. "Crimson flames tied through my ears, throwin' high and mighty traps," he sings to himself.

He feels pleased. They'd made enough money selling their artichokes to buy a used upright piano. It was a bit banged up on the outside--okay, more than a bit banged up--but there wasn't anything wrong with the insides that a long tuning session hadn't fixed. They'd all listened to Bertie play it last night, while sharing some of the artichokes they'd kept, steamed with garlic to dip in.

Huh. Someone was coming down the road and whoever it--Don? there was a hint of a green flank under whatever it was he was wearing and Don had gone missing a couple days ago--whoever it was looked injured. Nemo sets down the guitar and stands. "You okay, man? We've got a first aid kit inside and I can send one of the pegasi to someone from the hospital."
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"What the hay," Nemo has enough time to say before the horn is driven into the barrel of his body.

He staggers back, sways, falls to his side.

It hurts. It hurts like fuck. He's not entirely sure if the horn didn't pierce something important. It's the same candycorn colors as Di's, he notices.

He can see the pony's face better now.

"Don?" he croaks.
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Bertie's been watching on in some concern from his cloudy vantage above the field since Nemo's initial shout. He recognizes Don, but he's not well acquainted and had assumed he'd be called on if needed. The abrupt stab steals the breath from his lungs.

That hadn't happened. It had to be a trick of the light. Nemo falling back is a play. They're just acting something out. Bertie will blink and the stallions will be laughing, having completed yet another successful, if gruesome, rehearsal of "Julius Caesar." And moment, Nemo will call out 'et tu, old thing?'

Bertie blinks and Nemo's still stabbed, still bleeding, still... dying? No.

"No." It's a whisper, but as the pegasus bounds from the cloud, flapping hard, it turns into a shout. "Nemo! Get away from him!"

He streaks toward Don at a speed that might even have impressed Rainbow Dash, but thoughts of impressing fillies are far from his mind. Terror's vying with horror. There's got to be something to do, though, scared as he is. He aims to plow into Don, hooves first. Any thoughts on what to do after that could wait.
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She'd been at her shipping wall, a contemplative hoof under her chin--when the shouting started. The voice--the pain--it struck her almost immediately and she was up and heading over. It's just an accident right. It's just...

A horn stabbed into Nemo, Bertie flinging himself down from the clouds. Her vision blurs and her teeth are bared before she can fully comprehend what she sees. Even in the wrong body, she can't help the instinct that has her galloping across the space between them.

"What did you do?!" Nemo's fine. He's fine, he's fine. She doesn't look at another Signless dying. She just barrels into Don's side, trying to knock him over.
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That hadn't gone precisely to plan. Bertie had meant to drive the unicorn to one side, or at least down. He's entirely unprepared for the punch, legs smarting from attemting to plow through Don, and breathless for the exertion as much as emotion.

The punch cracks across Bertie's jaw, and Bertie performs a graceless pirouette in midair before falling to the ground near Nemo, stunned. He hears the Disciple, but his vision has blurred, and it takes him a long moment - much too long - to find his footing and stand on shakey hooves.

There's little he can do in a fight. Bertie knows it as well as Slipstream, Flare, Surprise, Harvey, and anypony else who chanced to look at his noodle-like form did. A preux chevalier had to at least be willing to put himself to the hazard battle should it come up, though, and so he tried. Trying hadn't particularly worked well in this case, and standing over Nemo who's looking more and more dire, Bertie decides to do what he does best: Run.

Bertie's never carried anyone in flight. Even just carting about groceries in saddlebags encouraged him to walk, but he wraps his hooves around Nemo all the same. The stallion is small, after all. "I'm sorry," he says, voice thick. "It's going to hurt, old boy."

The Disciple's a distraction. One Bertie wishes he didn't need to use, but a distraction all the same. He only makes it as far as the commune roof before he has to stop. It's far enough, high enough, he hopes to keep Don from Nemo. Panting, jaw hurting, and legs wibbly for many reasons, Bertie turns back to try to help the Disciple. He can't just leave her. He throws a bracing smile at Nemo first, though.

Nemo will be fine. He has to be fine.

"Something of a scratch there. We'll see it tended to presently, my dear fellow."
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"Thanks... kiddo," Nemo groans, giving Bertie a pained smile. "I 'preciate it. Tell Di... I love her... 'kay?"

He shuts his eyes against the pain.

He remembers his cousin Dee (who'd been in 'Nam) telling him about gut wounds, how they were basically a death sentence.

He wishes he could see his kids again.
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She can't look at Bertie taking Nemo elsewhere. She just keeps up her silent chant. He's fine, He'll be fine. He'll be perfect. They can't die on her twice.

"Don--" But nothing seems to be getting through his head and she takes a few steps back, assessing the situation. He's hurt but still fighting. Like a cornered purrbeast. And she's weaponless. Not even her nails to defend her--stuck in a weak four-legged body.

"Where did you get that horn--If you killed him..." Her breath hisses out and she hopes it distracts him enough to let her slip closer, ready to bite and kick when he's within range.
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"This isn't the--what is the Capitol?! We're in Ponyville!"

She's backed off now, stalking around him in a slow circle. He's weakened, in pain. She could go in for the killing blow--if she had something to kill with. She has teeth and hooves and she could...

But she doesn't want to show Bertie and Nemo what she could do. What was possible when she's afraid and protective. She doesn't want to. He's not an animal. Signless wouldn't want her to kill on his behalf. On anyone's behalf. Not if she could help it.

"Go away, leave us alone! I don't want to kill you!"
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"We aren't killing anyone!" She stepped forward, hoof raised in a plea. He had to understand. What had happened to him, where had he been that he couldn't recognize where they were.

"Why try to kill Nemo, what did he do--" The scythe hits down across the chest and neck, not immediately fatal but it hurt enough to cut her off. She stumbles backwards immediately and hisses.

"What the buck is wrong with you?!"
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Bertie's attention is pulled entirely away from the fight below to Nemo for a moment. He steps closer to the small stallion. "Y-you're going to tell her yourself, old fruit," he says, the thin mask of calm he's been trying to maintain beginning to slip. He paws the roof, ears flicked back. The whack across his jaw still hurts like billy-o, but he can deal with that later. A pack of ice and it would all be perfectly wonderful again. They'll just have a laugh about all this madness over tea. "You have to tell her!"

It's only as he's panting that he realizes he rather shouted that last command. "I-I... I'll call Ms. Flare Star. She'll know what to do. I promise! We'll fix this. Don't worry a bit. Not a bit!"
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Handy's busy with his pile o' junk, working in the waning light to try to finish putting together his totally secret, no one can possibly guess what he's been up to artichoke harvester. The sounds he's making drown out the start of the conflict, but in a lull as he reaches for a spanner, he realizes he's been hearing shouting. Dropping the spanner, he trots out from behind the shed, ears pricked forward. "What's --?"

Pony with a scythe! What he's seeing makes no sense; who would attack the commune? Stomping his hooves uneasily in place for a few seconds like he can't decide which way to run (which is exactly what's happening), he finally darts back to his pile of machinery and scrap metal and grabs one of the bladed arms he'd been about to attach. What he'll do with it he doesn't know, but he doesn't wait to think of anything before charging out into the open. There's quite a bit of distance between him and the other ponies, and he swings wide to come up around in a way he hopes will force -- Don? What's Don doing attacking ponies with a scythe?? -- to turn his attention away from the Disciple.
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Handy had just enough time to think that he'd gotten Don's attention just a little too well. In his haste to turn and dart away, expecting to be attacked and meaning to lead him in a chase across the fields, he nearly dropped the blade he was carrying. It'd take him at least a few seconds -- and a fair bit of distance -- to realize he wasn't being followed.
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Nemo doesn't notice Don breaking into his house, doesn't reply to Bertie. Nemo can't really notice anything, because he's already lost consciousness.

And then...

... well, then he's gone.

The moment his heart stops beating there's an explosion of bright rainbow light and the body of Nemo Vantas has disappeared, leaving only the bloodied troll horn behind.
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Bertie shields his eyes with one leg and skips back reflexively at the sudden light, his scroll rolling up before he can properly activate it and address Flare. When the rainbows fade, he lowers his leg slowly and blinks several times at Nemo.

Or he would be blinking at Nemo if the chap hadn't vanished into nothing. All that's left is the horn Don used to stab the little stallion. Bertie starts, looks around, looks up, checks over the side. Ponies don't just vanish... well, they do, but not before a fellow's eyes!

"Nemo? Nemo!" he calls. There's no response. He's just gone. Bertie's breathing speeds up, he stamps the roof, and the flutter of his scroll makes him jump. There's still got to be help. He has to let everypony know what's happened in case Don goes after them.

He turns on his magic scroll.
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It's quick. A wash of sensations and actions that she can't process correctly in her effort to keep her body from reacting to the pain. A weak body too unused to pain--the slash wouldn't have slowed her down otherwise. Her limbs move her forward, she can see Don smash through the window--Bertie talking and Handy moving to distract Don from her.

"Nemo--" And he explodes. What...He--

Disciple walks slowly up to the house, not really processing the chaos around her as she sees the curled horn left on the roof. Gamzee? Gamzee isn't here. He's not here--how did he get that horn? She can't process the implications of just a horn left behind for a moment before she sits down hard on the ground just outside the house.
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Too late, Handy realizes there's no one chasing him. He skids to a stop and turns, ready to dash back, fearing the former turtle will be back to attacking Disciple --

This time he really does drop his mini-scythe. Handy stands amongst the artichoke plants and stares as the sky lights up in rainbow colors. "What?" he asks the empty air. Not knowing for sure who was up there or what just happened, he's nevertheless anxious. He starts suddenly toward the house again as Don crashes through the window, thinking for a moment that he'll follow and stop him, but the green pony has a long lead on him now and Handy has a sick feeling in his gut about what's become of his fellow commune residents.

"Who's up there?" he calls, looking around furtively before cantering over to join Disciple next to the house. Then, thinking of something, "Someone -- does someone have their scroll??"
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Bertie's busy trying to address all the messages coming in at once, but he does look over at the shout and as a result of Harvey's prompting. He sticks his head over the top and motions backward, trying his best to look put together. It probably isn't very successful.

"I'm getting help! I'm getting help right now." It's all he really has time to say.

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