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The Battle for Everypony's Home

Who: OPEN to all
What: Time to raise money for the commune! Tom Shanks thinks he's got this in the bag; time to prove him wrong!
Where: All over Ponyville
When: Throughout the week of August 16-22
Warnings: None!
Prose or Commentspam: Either!

Well, the day was set. Tom Shanks threw the proverbial gauntlet, and the time the ponies had left to live on the commune were numbered.

Or were they?

The commune was an important place for the off-worlders since their arrival. It was one of the first places established by the off-worlders. And there were few ponies who would allow for Tom Shanks to take it from them. It was time to fight back...by raising the money needed to save the commune!

Too bad there wasn't a worldwide race being announced with a 1.5 million bit prize pot. Or a dance off. Or a contest of any kind for another month. But everypony would surely find a way to pitch in!

So, everypony, what will you do? You'd better figure it out - the clock is ticking.
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In the silence that followed that outburst, Nephenee's heart and stomach shuddered with the number, even as she stayed -mostly- calm on the outside.

So it had come to this.

Swallowing, she took a deep, steeling breath, before stepping forward. Even as she tried to stay calm, fought for it, there was the beginning of tears in her eyes.

"So...that's why you're doin' this...is that it? Y-your final offer?" Her upset was visible, even to the ones in the room who didn't know her.
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"Naw, Ah expected it...though not like this."

The Commune leader swiped at her eyes, kept her breathing calm.

"T-then put actions to your words...Let's end this."

Somepony's fate was about to be signed...
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Nil desperandum

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Against all hope, against the ache in her soul, Nephenee smiled past her tears.

"Ah got a bid."

The fate that would be sealed here would not be their own.

She'd spent so many nights since she'd made this decision staring at it, remembering all they'd gone through together. It was agonizing, to give up a piece of herself, a piece of her childhood home, even carried her village's name, one of her most prized possessions.

But it would be absolutely worth it to save her friends.

In a fluid motion, the Commune leader removed the Silver Lance from its holster, its blue crosspiece shining in the lights of the room, before bringing it to a neutral stance.

The tears hot kept stinging her eyes, but deep down, it was the right thing to do. Nothing would stop her from keeping her friends and family safe.

She undid a scroll wrapped around the shaft that had been hidden from now, and handed it to the clerk, before holding out the precious polearm to the assessor. "If...you'd please be so kind as to double-check the estimated value it's been appraised for?"

And with a look full of pain and victory mixed, she looked to Shanks.

"Ah bid Ohma."
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Nephenee couldn't help feeling an odd admiration for the assessor's 'attempt' to use it, considering it was over 12 pounds, probably closer to 13-15.

"Yes. It was forged at the order of the tactician of the Greil Mercenaries for me, in the first war Ah fought in. Pure silver, crafted by our forgemaster Daniel to be stronger and easier to exploit weak points with. She's named for the village Ah was born an' raised in, an' she survived two wars."

The love in her voice made it clear how much this was hurting her.
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Non omnis moriar

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The time he took to thought might have only been a few moments, but it felt like forever for the mare. When he said the worth, Nephenee was initially confused, until he mentioned the paperwork. He hadn't just been using a metaphor???

It took a moment or three to process this.

When she finally spoke, her voice trembled in barely restrained emotion. "S-so...that means..."
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Clerkmare, you are getting dinner for this; Nephenee felt sorry for all the work she had to do.

When the assessor confirmed the finality of it, it took every ounce of self-control not to bounce up and down like a little kid right there in the office. Instead, the pelorus pegasus smiled, nodding as she trembled in excitement.

They'd done it, they'd really done it.

Still, as she went to sign the paper, she heard the query, and turned to Shanks. "Pardon?"
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...That wasn't good.

With a swift turn, Nephenee came over to him, though out of hoof's reach - she was kind, not stupid. Blinking as she tried to piece together this, the Sentinel responded in confusion. "H-hey, we ain't tryin' to destroy the place...we're tryin' to prevent that..." Wait, hadn't he mentioned... "His? Ya mean Star Swirl's? What would we be undoin'?"
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"..." Inwardly sighing, she sat down, and offered a handkerchief to the stallion. Wow, when they broke, they broke hard.

Don't worry, Shanks, it's a normal hanky.

"We didn't come here on our own, ya know. We got brought here. Ah mean...what's to say Cálice ain't messin' with his stuff?"
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"Uh...one thing happenin' 'round the same time as another don't mean one caused the other, or, in this case, one's workin' for another...Ah mean..."

Nephenee sat back on her hindquarters, the better to hold one hoof out, then the other. "Jus' 'cause artichokes don't grow an' bloom at the same time as corn don't mean the corn ate the artichokes. Or vice versa."

...It made sense in her head, okay?
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...Alright, maybe that wasn't a good example for someone who wasn't into plants.

"Sorry...alright, what if somepony opens a shop one day. That day, somepony else in the next town over gets robbed. Did that shop openin' cause the other pony to get robbed?"
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"...Honestly? Most o'us jus' wanna be friends."

Looking to the others, some of them even natives, or at least originally ponies themselves, Nephenee continued, smiling warmly at them all.

"Ah mean, what else would we want, if we get brought here all o'sudden? Most folks here want to get back to their worlds, but none o'em are goin' to try to get there through evil means. What would the point be? Alienatin' the folks who've taken us in ain't a good idea by any count."

Turning back to him, she smiled, "We ain't tryin' to destroy the place...in fact, Ah'll do everythin' Ah can to make sure this place ain't destroyed...because it's not jus' all y'all's home...it's become Home for me, too. The place Ah come from? Ah went back...an' it ain't home no more. Ah don't gotta place there. Ah want to keep everypony else from feelin' that pain, too. Even if it wasn't Home for me, Ah'd do all Ah could to protect it."

"..Does that sound like evil, Sir Shanks? To want to be friends with the natives o'a strange land?"
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Neutiquam Erro

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"It's alright...Ah get you're scared. Ah got scared when Ah found myself here, an' when Ah had to leave my own home to defend it an' other places back in Tellius. It's alright to be afraid..." She smiled, though. "Ah promise, we're all gonna do our best to protect your Homeland. An' Ah keep my promises."

Setting back down, Nephenee held out her hoof to him. "An' if you'll let us, we can even be more than jus' allies workin' towards a common goal."

Yes, the mare whose home and family and friends he'd just threatened was offering what he thought she was.

"Ah forgive ya for what ya tried to do...So how 'bout it? Friends?"

In that split-second...

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