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Who: Everyone!
What: The arrival of the newponies.
Where: All around Ponyville, but primarily centered on the Town Hall
When: 4/1
Warnings: None at the moment
Prose or Commentspam: Either or!

After the shock of the arrival of the unconscious newcomers wore off, and after the panic had subsided, no time was wasted. The new ponies were tended to and coaxed into trying to wake up, runners were sent off to inform Princess Celestia of what had happened, and the ponies not involved in aiding the new arrivals were encouraged to go back to their homes until everything settled. Even Discord got in on the action after some words of encouragement from Fluttershy, though his method of trying to help - poking and jabbing random new ponies with sticks to see if they reacted - was not popular.

Many of the ponies were unfamiliar to the townsfolk. Were they tossed here from other parts of Equestria? But if so, why were their ponies who looked suspiciously like townsfolk who'd been here all their lives? Somepony even swore that there was a second Pinkie Pie and Applejack. Even a Twilight Sparkle, one who wasn't an alicorn again. And a dragon. There was a huge dragon in the middle of the town square and he was snoring. Maybe he was to blame?

Finally, though, somepony's eyes opened. Then another pony awoke, and then another pony, on and on, until everypony was awake. Groggy and confused, but awake. That was certainly a sigh of relief. At least until the new ponies started opening their mouths.

"Urth"? "Hoomin"? "Dimentshins"?

What the heck were they saying?

What was going on?!
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you said you read his fic, so i think you know who he's refering to

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[That voice sounds familiar. Really bucking familiar.]


[Okay, it's probably not her, but if nothing else, the eyes are the same as his sister's. Horns are kind of weird, though.]
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[Disciple looks up--and he's not like the pony Signless was turned into last time, he had been grey but the hair was the same. He's so close to him that she could probably...Maybe it's Karkat? Was there a small troll called Mag or something? She really wish she had met more than the ones who happened to speak to her.]

...Karkat? Signless? I'm not Mags though I'm afraid--My descendant was Nepeta so I don't think I even look like your Mags?
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oh goody

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[Nemo's eyes get wide and he steps back. This is getting kind of freaky.]

No. No, I'm not Karkat. I mean, that's my boy's name, but I'm not him. And I don't know who the buck this Signless brother's supposed to be, but that Wulfenbach guy asked if we were related. And Nepeta... that's my niece's name.


[He sits down on his haunches abruptly.

Yeah, he takes everything else in stride, but not this somehow.]

Sorry. It's just... I thought for a moment you were my sister: Ms. Magdalena Meulin Leijon-Zahhak. Except you aren't.

Shoot. This is getting really freaky.
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[She takes a step closer. He knows Nepeta and Karkat--but he's not Signless? Somehow. And with how he's acting, upset--freaked out--she lets herself soften and take a seat beside him, picking up a nearby twig and starts sketching on the ground]

I'm the Disciple--I don't know what sisters are? Signless and I...we're matesprits. Humans call them lovers--wife and husband I think--Oh and Wulfenbach, Klaus, he's in pale with Signless sometimes.

But my wriggler name was Meulin Leijon. If that helps. I knew Karkat and Nepeta in Mayfield--they were trolls, though both left eventually.
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for some odd reason, censoring his swears to make them pony acceptable makes me happy

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[Nemo watches her sketch, interested despite being freaked out.

He breathes out slowly. Maybe talking--explaining--will help.]

Sister means a couple of things. Slang-wise, it's a friendly way to refer to a female, but more properly it's also a female that got raised by the same parent as you. I don't suppose you grok parents?

[Another slow breath in, another slow breath out.]

Trolls. Shoot. Is that what you are? Were. Man, this really is freaky. I've never been anything but a human until today.

Shoot. Shoot.

[She is Mags, but she's not. It's as freaky as buck and Nemo gropes for the words to describe it. Luckily, modern day pop culture science fiction--and a brother-in-law who likes that stuff--comes to his rescue]

You think we're from--shoot, I dunno--alternate or parallel universes or something?

[It's as good an explanation as any.

After a moment, he realizes he hasn't told Disciple his name.]

Oh. I'm Nemo. Nemo Kankri Vantas. I don't suppose any of those names sound familiar.
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he'll have to excuse her rambling

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Parents--parents are like lusii--only the same species! I had to be a parent in Mayfield so I learned about that.

[She draws a little angry face, a halo of messy hair and tiny horns just peeking out. Beside it, is a bigger face, a cloak covering hair and letting the horns--just a bit bigger. This face smiles.]

Kankri is Signless' wriggler name--So. [She smiles at him, hesitantly--because he's not her Signless but he's pretty freaking close] That's Signless--and that's Karkat. Karkat's a good leader--he's a good troll I think? Better by troll standards than us. Signless and I--Dolorosa and Psiionic as well, we were a bit of rebels. In the end it got us all killed or worse, but--I'm sorry, I'm probably rambling at you. Is it better to be a human? Without the killing and culling and a world without blood color--I think Signless dreamt of that.
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like he isn't rambling just as much

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[Nemo smiles back, just as hesitant.]

Nah, it's cool. Don't worry.

And it's good. Good that you were rebels, I mean. I tried to fight the system too when I was younger. Didn't always work out. I don't know if it's better to be a human than a troll. I don't really know anything about them. And I mean, people do still kill each other, there's wars and stuff, my brother-in-law Dee was in Vietnam and he came back all bucked up. His lieut tried to get him to kill some kids, they were Viet Cong or something, and he couldn't do it, so he turned on the lieut. He got kicked out of the Army--dishonorably discharged--and it tore him up something awful. He was an actual volunteer, not a draftee.

[He takes a look at the faces. Even as stick drawing the smaller of the two is easily identifiable.]

Yeah, that's my boy. He'll be fourteen this summer. He's a little pain in the flank, but--

Oh, wait.

[Nemo takes down the guitar from where it's strapped to his back and fishes inside of it, retrieving a photo of a boy and a girl, both about twelve or thirteen years of age. The girl is a lot taller than the boy.

(They in fact look a lot like the two leftmost kids in this group of sketches. Disciple should probably be able to identify them as looking a heck of a lot like younger non-troll versions of Signless and the Dolorosa.)]

Here. I've got a photo of him and his sister, Kanaya. He takes after me, she takes after my ma more than me.
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rambliest duo

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You had children--like the human way with a mother and father and like mammals--[She's hesitant to keep going. She sounds like a wriggler--like she's all fascinated with humans all over again] Oh--Kanaya--the younger Dolorosa I met. The jadeblood. She...looks like Dolorosa.

[She runs a hoof over the two children in the picture] ...They look so fragile. Young. I don't think trolls ever look like that. Karkat looks cute like that. All human and like he didn't have to fight or anything. [She wonders what the rest of them looked like in that world. What strange things happened to make them all human in that world.]

...Did you ever have to fight? I think we all had to in my world. You don't--you don't fight, you get killed.
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warning: he's probs gonna try to get her involved in his pony commune/artichoke farm

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Well. Humans are mammals. [Nemo slings a friendly hoof over her shoulder.] He did fight a little. Not to the death or anything--buck no! the kid hides in his room every year when it comes time to butcher the geese and hogs--but I mean, he got bullied by some of the kids at his school and he ended up getting into a lot of fist fights. It got to be bad enough that he begged to go to boarding school instead and since my aunt was willing to pay for it... [He shrugs.] I miss him a lot. And I don't think he's happy there either.

As for me... I've gotten into my fair share of fist fights over the year, but that's mostly it and only when there really wasn't any other option. Civil disobedience is more my bag. I like to think of myself as a man of peace. I've never killed anyone.
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fabulous. bring her to your hippie place nemo

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I know--like purrbeasts. [Disciple looks over at him and uncertainly listens to him talking about Karkat--and then himself. What a strange world to grow up in. Where you got into fist fights and not fights to the death. Where living to adulthood without killing--or doing more than scuffles...what a sweet world]

Civil disobedience? [Another strange thing] Our world was too violent to get away without hurting people...We tried not to--you don't hurt anypony unless you couldn't get away alive. We spent a lot of time running. [There's another pause]...You just have to learn to fight and things to survive. I hunted mostly.

Wait are geese like honkbeasts and quackbeasts? That fly?
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oh he will. bertie is also getting recruited to the pony commune, celestia help us all

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Honkbeasts? Yeah, I guess you could call them that. Every year we had two of them at the farm and two hogs--I guess you'd call them oinkbeasts?--that my sister would butcher at the start of November. We'd call 'em Thanksgiving and Christmas [He grins a little at the terrible joke.] Mags hunted too when it was hunting season. Some of our friends used to give her horseapples for that--what kind of hippie hunts? But she didn't see anything wrong with it as long as you respect the game and make sure none of it goes to waste. She's taken Nepeta with her the last couple years, actually.

Civil disobedience... [Man, though, he's kind of sorry his Thoreau didn't come with him.] Okay, so you know how governments can be oppressive or failing that they can still make laws that are wrong? Well, civil disobedience is actively refusing to follow the laws or decrees or whatever of governments--or occupying forces--when you truly believe that they're wrong. It's usually a nonviolent kind of thing? Some people call it passive resistance, but I don't think it's necessarily passive at all. [His voice has taken on a lecturing quality, oh noes. Nemo, you don't need to get your Kankri on. Really, honey.] In Hindu, the word for it directly translates to 'truth-insistence' and I've heard it called 'love-force.' That's the most important part, you know. That the resistance ultimately comes from a place of compassion. Even if the people you're resisting are the biggest pack of bucking fools you've ever met.
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celestia help all of them really

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...[Disciple starts to laugh. Oh wow it's uncanny] Oh my gosh--that's how he is about the stupid Highbloods. They tell us we're lower, we're scumbloods and rustbloods--but he wants to try, he wants to explain and tell them it doesn't have to be this way, they don't know any better.

[She laughs and buries her face in her hooves. Oh it's crazy uncanny] And they don't understand how I can kill to eat when we tell them we won't kill trolls--it's just...Amazing. You're really like him--he'd be grey as a pony. He was in Mayfield--when he was there, but your brown is pretty as well.
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it will be a beautiful commune. especially if klaus gets recruited.

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[Nemo chuckles softly and gives her shoulders a squeeze.] Yeah, I bet I would. Did he have cute little candy-corn pony horns like you? [He nickers affectionately in her hair. Man, she's a really cute pony. And okay, yeah, his sister's counterpart, but a) not really said sister and b) said sister was adopted and hence not blood related, so there. Nothing wrong with thinking she's cute.]

I gotta ask, though. What's Mayfield?
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oh it will the best hippie commune, even with a disgruntled baron

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Smaller! [She laughs] Cute little nubs, he's so cute with them. Karkat has even smaller ones, he's so defensive about them.

[Oh is he red flirting, she can't tell. It's been a really long time since she flirted with anyone new--Even Milla was quite some time ago and she was always really Psii's red than anyone's elses. She decides to ignore it and gives him a little laughing nuzzle, casual. Easily interepreted.]

Mayfield is the place I just came from--Or it's here--or something. No one seems to think it's Mayfield here but it plays tricks on you. A really terrible town... It hurt us, all of us, more than once.
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and if we keep prodding our mutual friend another signless?

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Aw, that's sweet. [He nuzzles her back. It's kind of redflirting, kind of pale, not that he'd know those terms because human. He def thinks she's sweet.] Man, though, that sounds like pretty nasty business. I hope that's not where we are.

You mentioned another guy earlier, a Klaus? I think I came across him. Giant guy, lots of stitches. He asked about Signless too.
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oh how many signless does it take to give disciple a very loving headache

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I hope so too...It was fairly terrible. I wouldn't want to expose anyone to it if I didn't have to. [Oh she wants to sketch again, time to smooth out the sand and grab her twig]

Klaus is a big baron--kind of like a blueblood. He was so tall even as a human. Big guy. [She sketches out a scarred :| face with masses of hair and stitches all over the face.] He was at Mayfield as well. He built me a mechanical purrbeast, huge, it was amazing! I lived with him for a little while before I left--I...was less than kind to him. I had regressed a little.
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game limit is three :3

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[Nemo studies her picture.] Yeah, I think that's the guy I met, only pony-shaped. Ponified? Anyway, that's him. He said he was a baron.

Hey, maybe your me is around here too somewhere.
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so I'm going with three. three signlesses

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[She nods] He's a bit grumpy at first but he loves people. He has the most romantic kismesissitude with this girl, it's just amazing. I didn't get to talk to her while she was in Mayfield but it was just so amazing when he told me about it. [Dreamy sigh. Yes. Yes she finds black romance just as romantic as red romance.

But her face falls a bit at his attempt to raise her spirits. Sure, he might be here, but is getting her hopes up really worth it?

Maybe? I mean I guess he could be but who knows for sure.
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a wonderful number

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[He nuzzles her hair.] Yeah. Probably shouldn't have said anything, shoot.

So what's kismesissitude?
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her life has never been so amazing

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[It's easy to lean into that. He's enough like him to fall into an easy companionship. It's almost like she's known him longer than these few minutes. But his question sends her sitting straight up again, because she has to explain quadrants and for all she doesn't use them--or uses them too much (they're more like guidelines really)--they are still serious business.]

A kismesissitude is when two people hate each other very much, but they find each other appealing in the attractive sense--it's a very special kind of hate. Platonic hate just won't do. It's part of quadrants.

[There's more furious swiping at the ground, leaning forward to sketch out the familiar grid and symbols.] Matesprites, Moirails, Kismesises, Auspitices. Red, pale, black and grey.
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signless harem in the pony commune!

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[This feeling like they've known each other way longer than they actually have is entirely mutual. Multiversal shenanigans, man. What are you gonna do?

Anyway, Nemo studies the grid.]
So are these quadrants a troll thing?
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yes purrrfect :33 just according to pawlan.

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Yes they're a troll thing. But we sometimes find quadrants in other species. Eridan had a human moirail, Psiionic was red for a human girl, Signless was pretty pale for Klaus. [She spread her front legs wide, trying to encompass the whole world in her reach] It's so limiting though really. I enjoy it--I really think it's important to have quadrants, to give romance direction, but I never really could stick to just one quadrant with someone--or just one person in a quadrant. It's easier to plan it out for other people than do it yourself though.
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the pony commune will be a beautiful haven of free love

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So they're romances? Man, Karkat would eat this stuff up with a spoon. [He chuckles softly.] Yeah, I know what you mean. Humans only have one kind of romance, but I never could really stick to one person either. I've always been a fan of free love.
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the best haven ponyville has ever seen

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It seems too...confining when I found out about it. There's so many kinds of romance, love and hate--platonic and sexual. [She flops back onto her back, rolling on the ground in a fit of energy. She feels strangely free--or more free here. Like the harmful energy of Mayfield is getting sucked away. She doesn't want to relax entirely, but there's always calm no matter what.

She has grass in her mane when she sits back up, giggling

Signless never had use for quadrants either...Easy to classify us as matesprits and him and Psiionic as moirails but we each had a relationship with the other that included more than those. Dolorosa was never quite romantic with the rest of us--it would be weird with Signless, she raised him, but I think she was more content to be our guardian and watch over us.
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buck yes <3

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A stallion after my own heart. [He laughs with her, then takes her shoulders by his hooves and pulls her down with him to roll some more.

Yep. He's in the mood for horseplay.]


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he's a troll signless AT HEART

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hahaha yeah

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<3> is the best thing

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its just right

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Re: its just right

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Re: its just tight

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falls in here

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