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Who: This is for EVERYONE - yes, it is open to all!
What: This is the biggest night of the year, so ponies stand tall! Because we know everyone will want to have a ball
Where: At the Gaaaalaaaaa~!
When: This takes place, May 18th Saturday night, everyone!
Warnings: This will likely be edited as the week goes on
Prose or Commentspam: Either is kosher, just pick one and run

So this was it. The biggest night of the year in Canterlot. Everyone who is anyone is here. Everyone who was invited was now converging into the great ball, held every year within the confines of the Great Hall of Canterlot Castle.

Its like a real fairy tale, with bustled dresses, horse-drawn it makes sense in a way we suppose carriages, and even one or two of those new-fangled steam-run horse-less carriages that only the super-rich could afford. And of course, singing. But this time, there are new guests: ponies and even dragons from other worlds.

Get ready, Equestrians. This year is going to be fun.
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Nemo Vantas sidles up to him, guitar retrieved from the cloak check. "We should jam together, Bertie, man."
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"Oh, I'd like that!" Bertie agrees. Harvey's taking a brief break. "I can play the piano with hooves as though I have fingers. It's the most ridic thing, but it's fantastic! I can't imagine how this magic works for you to play your guitar properly, as well. I suppose we shouldn't look a gift pony in the mouth though, what?"
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bertie can pick the next song in their jam

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Nemo grins. "No, we shouldn't." He starts strumming the guitar. "Remember that Circle song I was playing the other night? Think you could pick out the melody?"

He starts singing it under his breath to help Bertie out, "All my life's a circle, sunrise and sundown..."
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Re: bertie can pick the next song in their jam

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Bertie frowns thoughtfully as he works out the chords for the song in his head before setting hoof to key. He can sing this better than play it, but Nemo's guitar and an audience that has never heard the song - barring a few exceptions - helps to ease the way. He begins to sing in what Jeeves had once described as a 'light, pleasant baritone.' The song was the sort to put one in a philosophical mood, but a spot of thinking now and again in the musical selection never hurt anypony.

When they finished, there was a smattering of applause, likely for the new musician in Nemo, but they're ignored, by and large. They've become part of the furniture, of course. Bertie's been guilty of simply taking the entertainment at fancy dos for granted, so he doesn't find it in himself to be particularly offended. Still... he can't resist having a bit of fun at the overly-formal affair, and he'd seen that the ponies here seemed just as prone to getting caught up in a musical chorus as the next one. "Well, what say we give these chaps something stand up and take notice of? Do you remember that song "Nagasaki I sang the other night?"
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Re: bertie can pick the next song in their jam

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Nemo grins. "Yeah, I do. Though I'm pretty sure Nagasaki isn't pronounced that way." He was fairly certain that whoever wrote the song hadn't actually ever been to Nagasaki, actually. It was one of those old, well-meaning but vaguely racist songs from back when his Ma had been a kid. It was fun to sing, though--and Celestia knew that trying to raised Bertie's consciousness had had some very mixed results.

By the time they finish the song, there are a half-dozen young stallions positioned around the piano providing back-up singing.

"I think it's my turn to chose the song again," Nemo grins. "And considering where we are, I think last night's 'Concerning Charlie Horse' is fairly appropriate."

(Because that's totally what you want to play at a fancy pony ball, Nemo. A song about people removing a dead horse from a pond.)
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This time, there are ponies clapping along with them when they finish the song. They then proceed to look utterly horrified, and Bertie can't help but giggle. The proper pianist for the thing is giving him the gimlet eye, but Bertie's had enough to drink to merely wave cheerily at him.

"I say, Vantas, old boy," he says, "I rather fancy we aren't going to be invited up as a pair after this. Best make a rounder of it, eh?"

Given the looks they're garnering, Bertie decides a particular song is in order. If the lyrics go to something about lifting one's hoof up rather than one's finger, he doesn't pay much mind. "I think everypony here could do with knowing 'Tweet Tweet, Shush Shush, Now Now, Come Come.'"
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